Jungfrau Lodging

Jungfrau Region Lodging

Like everything ALPSinsight offers, we would like to present what we’re familiar with, and what we know to be quality. Because we live here, we don’t know our region’s accommodations well enough to be able to offer many options. As a result, we have some research to do. For now, we do know these, and they’re great.

  • Alpenhof Stechelberg. Lauterbrunnen Valley.

    Hands down one of the coolest places you’ll ever stay. An old guesthouse with loads of charm, great views & location, and the place to meet active outdoor travelers. Visit the Alpenhof Stechelberg Website

  • BaseCamp Interlaken

    ALPSinsight’s own holiday rental. Visit BaseCamp Interlaken

  • BaseCamp Ringgenberg

    ALPSinsight’s own holiday rental. Visit BaseCamp Ringgenberg

  • Naturfreundhaus Grindelwald

    The Naturfreundhaus network always offers super mellow, inexpensive, and comfortable options. They also tend to be places where you meet fun people. Naturfreundhaus Grindelwald

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