Go one step further than reading about experiences in the Alps, let us help you plan a trip or connect you with a guiding service.


Guide Network

If you are seeking a connection to a guiding service, please let us know exactly what expectations you have for the trip you would like to experience. We can connect you with a guide or a specialized tour operator within our network.

By email, please let us know:

  • Where & what trip or tour you would like to plan.
  • Dates or time frame.
  • Your skill and fitness level for the sort of trip or tour you would like more information on.
  • Are you interested in being part of a group trip? Hiring a private guide? Or doing a self guided trip?


With so many options, planning a trip to the Alps is confusing. If you are seeking information about how to structure your trip for any mountain sports, location help, guiding services, insider tips, etc… we offer professional trip consultation.

Trip consultation includes:

  • Phone call to better understand your needs.
  • Presentation of options to best meet your expectations.
  • Follow up phone call to further explain and discuss the options and details for how to proceed.
  • The rate for this service is $150.


Let us know any info about you and what you hope to do so we can help plan your trip or connect you with the best guide.