2013 Photo Summary


2013 was our 15th year together, it was also our best. Thankfully, I say that at the end of every year.

Once again, it was a year of continual movement and countless experiences. Most importantly, we collected more memories with great people, friends both new and old, and folks we met along the way. There’s a fact continually beat into my head, we couldn’t do what we do without truly amazing people as part of the process. This goes for everything.

We didn’t want this final summary to be a portfolio. Instead we wanted images about who we are, what we do, and especially images that feel important to us. Our business is both PatitucciPhoto and Dan & Janine, there’s little division between work and life. Together, we shoot what we do as much as we shoot with others. Our life is spent active in the mountains, traveling, and making photos of it all. These are some favorites.


Nicole after I stopped shooting, luckily I got one more off as she did her thing, which was perfection.


Osman Shala, who showed us a diary kept during wartime. Kosovo.


Pedaling on home roads, high above town. Interlaken, Switzerland


Running Costa Brava. Catalonia.



I spend every day with this woman and it’s only getting better. Late dinner on a big summer run in the Alps. Interlaken.


Starting at 4am, Janine and I ran from our house 30km along the crest of the Hardergrat and finished on the distant most peak, the Brienzer Rothorn. It was probably the most fun I have ever had in the mountains. Interlaken, Switzerland.


Fabienne and Janine loving life. Grimsel Pass, Switzerland.


We spent the bulk of the summer on glaciers in the Swiss Alps shooting several stories on environmental change. These magnificent glaciers are rapidly shrinking, see them before it’s too late. Zermatt, Switzerland.


I love this photo for the feeling of immensity. The Alp’s largest glacier, the Aletschgletscher, Switzerland.


Raphi Imsand, high on the Obergabelhorn. Zermatt, Switzerland.


Very happy in my workplace, the summit of the Obergabelhorn. Zermatt, Switzerland.


While on assignment to climb the highest peak in the Berner Oberland, our backyard mountains. The summit of the Finsteraarhorn. Switzerland.


A man who makes us laugh and is a joy to work with, writer Brendan Leonard of Semi-Rad fame at the Aiguille Dibona. Ecrins National Park, France.


Simon Duverney, Ecrins National Park, France.


It’s complicated.


A great new friend, Simon Duverney. Gimmelwald, Switzerland.


Simon climbing at Geyikbayiri, Turkey


Surely the highlight of 2013, going to Annapurna with Ueli Steck. Nepal.



Our office for three weeks, Annapurna Basecamp, Nepal.


Janine experiencing power volleyball with the Nepalese boys at 4150 meters.



The people make it – our phenomenal Nepalese friends and camp crew. Annapurna.


Janine at night, hoping to find Ueli on the south face of Annapurna. Nepal.


Ueli Steck and I on the glacier where we found each other after his historic 28 hour solo of Annapurna, Nepal.


Ueli Steck descending from Annapurna


I had no idea Janine made this image of me while at Boudanath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal.


Buddhist Temple, Bhutan.


The very last image we made in Nepal after this monk blessed us and said good bye with, “I hope you will return to Nepal”. And so we will, very soon.


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  1. Definitely another amazing year for you both, professionally and personally! Some great memories captured and shown here, best wishes for 2014 and continued success!

    ~ Will

    1. Post
  2. Awesome as always. Wonderful recap with even better images. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas and happy 2014 !

  3. Awesome pictures Dan and Janine. Congratulations! I love your images, their power. Thanks for sharing them!
    And I wish I could be, just for an hour, at your office in the Annapurna basecamp..my god. 😉

  4. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! You guys are a true inspiration. 2014 – let’s make it happen!

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