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Trail Runner Magazine : Assignments & Stock Licensing

Shot during the Dynafit Speed Transalp, our cover of Trail Runner magazine.

Even after 20 years working as professional mountain sport photographers there is a certain pride to seeing our work in magazines. Each day we’re all inundated with online everything, but with print comes a sense of narrowing it down to quality and what matters. These are a few examples of some work that came out at the end of this year.

Oh, and why so much running? Well… we have a very special project that we’ll announce soon. It’s going to be all about trail & mountain running in the Alps. For more information, you might also give our ALPSinsight page, or Instagram feed, a follow where we specifically talk a lot about what we do in the Alps.

Runner's World Holland : Stock Licensing

The only thing better than seeing your image on the cover of an issue of Runner’s World is seeing yourself on the cover of Runner’s World! This is a classic example of how Janine and I work – we go on real runs, make photos and communicate the experience.

30° Magazine Switzerland : Stock Licensing & Projects

The Swiss magazine 30° did a beautiful feature on Janine and I’s lives as veteran mountain sport photographers. The cover is a very special image we made in one of our favorite places, Kalymnos, Greece.


During the summer of 2016, we did a project for Scott Bikes about gravel biking on the famous Strada dell’Assietta in the Piemonte region of northern Italy. Together with our great friend, and regular project partner, Alain Rumpf of Grand Tours Project, we spent a few days exploring these historic military roads along the French Italian border. You can see more about this project at ALPSinsight’s Gravel Biking page.

360° Magazine : Assignments & Stock Licensing

The Dutch magazine 360° featured an inspirational image we made during the spring ski season in Zermatt, from the Schwartztor descent through a complex series of seracs.

Esprit Trail magazine cover

One of the highlights of 2016 was a project we did for Dynafit called the Speed Transalp. Dynafit’s mountain running category has exploded and the Speed Transalp was an opportunity for a group of athletes to run across the Alps from Germany, through Austria, and into Italy- in three days. As an athlete and photographer, this was a dream trip! The full story is at our ALPSinsight Speed Transalp page.

RoadBIKE Magazine : Assignments & Stock Licensing

Each year come fall, we head for one of the Alps most perfect places to ride bikes and run trails – all amongst stunning fall colors – the Graubünden region of Switzerland. This image, on the cover of Germany’s RoadBIKE Magazine, is from the Umbrail Pass, which connects with the mighty Stelvio for a cycling experience you’ll never forget.

backpacker-adventure-travelBackpacker Magazine’s November issue contains an Adventure Travel story featuring Janine and I’s favorite trips. The editors asked us what we feel are the best trips of our lifetime. While not an easy question, what was easy was naming our hometown ridge, the Hardergrat, as quite possibly number one. If you’re visiting Interlaken, Switzerland – make this a priority! Read about what makes this so special at ALPSinsight’s Hardergrat page.


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  1. Hi, you have a picture also on the Deuter website for the Hiking Backpacks link. Would it be possible to find out that location? I scanned your stock photos also, but couldn’t find it. The Alps is my dream destination and want to find that spot! Thanks!

    1. Post

      It’s in the Alpstein mountains in the Appenzell region of Switzerland, the Berggasthaus Aescher and a must see area…

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