A Morning Walk

“I want to go for a walk with my camera this morning.” My waking thought.

Like each year, I take a break from making photos. Come early November, the camera gets put into its bag and only re-emerges when the time is right. Apparently that time is now, and it does feel right.

Outside our home is a small chapel, a place for the spiritual to go and spend some moments in silence. I do this, not for religious reasons, but because it is a symbol of something, something special and well taken care of so we may all use it for the purpose we each require. I thought about what it is to see things, and to make images of them. How incredibly beautiful I find life, especially the things we humans are capable of doing within the natural world.

As the day began to lighten, and with clouds still thick in our valley, I took my walk. With open eyes and an open mind, I looked a little closer at where I live.

As I arrived, one candle was lit and glowing in the window

There is no lock on the door, the chapel is open to everyone


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  1. Our chapel!
    You are soo right… it is a magical place!
    I missed it soo much in Vienna (and mee too not for religious reason ;-))!
    It stands alone just in front of the forest…soo unpretentious and friendly.
    It is always funny to notice how the most unsophisticated things (and person) are the one that leave the strongest mark in us.

  2. Thank you Dan for taking us for a walk with you!
    I can’t put down in words as well as you, why I love old walls, windows and doors, but they give me a sense of security, peace, wisdom and many more feelings I can’t describe.
    I will be looking out for another “outing” in the Dolomites.

  3. my precious Daniele, This recent entry is so wonderful, I have not seen the chapel but I love it, and you for writing this and the pictures. The door is beautiful, it makes me think of Joe…….and Nona too. I would visit for spiritual and other reasons.
    Please go there and say a little prayer for your mums.

    You live in such beauty, and you blend right in.

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