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Trail running, Granite Park, Sierra Nevada
Trail running, Granite Park, Sierra Nevada

Sierra Trail Running

Things have been pretty quiet here at ALPSinsight for the last year. That’s because we’ve been immersed in an all new guidebook and website for California’s Sierra Nevada. With that project wrapping up and the book set to release this coming summer, we’ve also launched Sierra Trail Runs : A Guide to the Eastside and an Instagram channel to go along with it: @sierratrailruns

As a California kid, I grew up in the Sierra, they’re where I first climbed, ran, and set out on my career as a pro mountain sport photographer. After spending the last 15 years in the Alps, it’s been incredibly rewarding to rediscover just how good the Sierra is for trail running. Thanks to the geologic gift of granite and the way it decomposes, the trails are soft and flowing. For those who love to combine a run with a peak scramble or ridge climb, there may be no better mountain range. All of these characteristics come with high elevation and the magic of the alpine world, where you can spend the better part of a day above 4000 meters. And we didn’t even hit on the weather… remember, it’s California. There’s a common weather theme in our Sierra photo gallery, see if you can find it.

Sierra ingredients: blue sky, granite, ridges, altitude, sun and fun

Similar to Elevation : The Alps Trail & Peak Running Resource for the Alps, Sierra Trail Runs will be a resource for running in the Eastern Sierra, White Mountains, and Death Valley. It’ll also support the guidebook’s runs by being home to the GPX tracks and maps (you’ll need to buy the book for access to those). We’ll add new runs and peak climbs as we do them and tell all the many stories about the experiences and quirky characters we meet in the Sierra – it’s that kind of place. If you’re interested in discovering an entirely different range from the Alps, one that is wild and lonely, explore the Eastern Sierra. We’ll detail the experience more in the coming weeks on the Sierra Trail Runs blog.

But, “Wait!”, you ask, “I thought you live in the Alps?” Yes, this is changing too. It’s looking like our time will be split between these two amazing mountain ranges.

Hillary Gerardi on the Grand Balcon Nord Trail above Chamonix, France

Chamonix Trail Running

Which brings me to the next update, and it’s finally some ALPS news. This summer, we’ll be adding an entire section to Elevation dedicated to trail running in Chamonix. The time has come to add the center of the trail running universe to our site. Stay tuned, we’ve found some lesser-known-soon-to-be-mega-classic routes.

Via Grischuna

Also in the Alps, the Via Grischuna has been getting some media attention, and will be featured in Bächli Bergsport’s Inspiration. For guided trips on the Via Grischuna, Eurotrek is now the official tour operator with a great new offer.

Bächli Sport Via Grischuna
Read about the Via Grischuna in Bächli Sport’s Inspiration Magazine
Black Diamond Via Grischuna ad
The Via Grischuna as featured in a Black Diamond ad

By Dan Patitucci


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