Announcing: Gurus, Gods and Camels


PatitucciPhoto is proud to announce the release of a new photo book from last year’s trip to India.

In the fall of 2008, we connected with 8 close friends, all professional photographers, in Pushkar, India. The goal was to document the annual Pushkar Camel Fair.

Held each year, the event is a massive gathering of traders, nomads, gypsies, carnival people, Sadhus, Gurus, Gods and more than a few camels. Located in the Rajasthan Desert of northwest India, Pushkar has a small lake in the middle of the village which is a Hindu holy site. The Fair is held at Kartik Purnima, the November fullmoon and the night in which Lord Brahma sprung from the lake.

As a group we gathered, but as photographers we set out alone each morning to photograph our vision of what we experienced as individuals.

Once each photographer had their images ready, Janine Patitucci edited and designed the book and website. The book will be available exclusively through Amazon in spring 2009.

The complete book is online at:

Gurus, Gods and Camels


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