April Flowers vs. April Corn

It is April 15. I have about 80 days of backcountry skiing in this season. I also have 3000 km in on the road bike since January 1.

Now, I live with the frustration of training for road races, trail running or skiing corn while it is to be had. Which it is in great abundance.

Snow vs. Non-Snow sports? For some odd reason I turn to our Blog for answers, or just to do something other than ponder what to do. I know this is not really a “problem” in the traditional sense of problems. But for Janine and I our activities also dictate what we are doing for work. Shoot skiing? Or put away the skis and shoot trail running, mountain biking and road biking? April is tough. Green, warm valleys below and big, snowy peaks above. This or that? Our friends are the same, some off to warmer climates, some still making turns. The photographer needs things just so for great images, this is all just so in-between good and great.

And then the phone rings and we are reminded that we are supposed to go ski Mont Blanc. Or we go to Tuscany for a week…


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  1. We, locals would think like that:
    You have now 6 months of summer in front of you, plenty of time for “non-snow” sports. But for snow? This are the last weeks to take advantage of this perfect conditions 🙂

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