Black Diamond Beta Light Pack Review

Black Diamond continues to innovate with their new Beta Light 30 and 45 liter packs. We were lucky enough to get to test out the Beta Lights for several trips in 2023.

Recent Travel and Outdoor Gear Finds

I’ve been known to obsess over the things that I carry with me. But that’s because I want to move as freely as I can, whether it be high in the mountains or through an airport.

Trail Running Hotels in the Alps

Where to stay for trail running in the Alps? We value being hosted by real trail runners with local knowledge of the trails, healthy food, a place to do yoga and stretch, a communal space to meet and chat with other runners, and most importantly, a welcoming, positive vibe.

Regional Comparison: Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Chamonix Mont-Blanc Trail Running Chamonix Mont-Blanc is inarguably the center of the trail running universe. As trail running’s popularity exploded globally, Chamonix became a focal point thanks to a perfect alignment of certain racing events, …

Regional Comparison: Valais

Valais Trail Running is Best in Alps We may as well kick this off with our true thoughts. Switzerland’s Valais region (Wallis in German), in our opinion, is the absolute best trail running destination, not …