Best Outdoor Gear Goal Zero Venture 30

It’s a somewhat unfortunate fact these days, we all have things that need regular charging. Some more than others. If you rely on tech gear for work in the mountains, there is even more to charge, and more to rely on. Phones, headlamps, cameras, watches, GPS units, etc… Traveling with it all requires a system. If you stay in tents or remote mountain huts and lodges, power is not option. But solar power usually is.
Goal Zero has nailed the systems for everything from super light battery and solar panels, to full, expedition power needs.
I’ve been relying on the weatherproof Venture 30 battery pack as a backup for my phone and Sony camera. A small solar panel (Nomad 7) comes with the battery which can be strapped on a pack. It all works well and fully charges in about 6-8 hours under full sun. But mostly I just take the battery with me, charged at home, for long days out, or multi-day trips in the Alps where I know I won’t be able to plug in. Long flights as well. It gives me peace of mind.
My own use has shown I can charge my phone more than twice, or about three Sony a7 batteries can be charged from low. Meanwhile a Suunto Ambit and Petzl headlamp hardly dent it.
Some big news for Sony alpha users, the new Sony a7RII now has the ability to be powered from an external battery, and while plugged in – shot. This is HUGE for Sony users as now working in cold weather doesn’t have us relying on Sony batteries. The ideal battery for this application, yet again, the Goal Zero Venture 30.
Other posts about our process of switching to Sony from Canon can be found by searching Sony at the top of the page.


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