Best Outdoor Gear Mountain Hardwear Summit Rocket 20

Ueli Steck is famous for his strict, dedicated and highly effective training regimen. But he not only focuses solely on preparing his body, he is meticulous about what gear he uses and is intolerant of what does not work. But when something does, that gear then becomes what he relies on for his projects. He’s a good guy to pay attention to, what he uses is probably the best possible gear that would work if you do the same activities. Lately, Ueli is applying trail running product design to alpinism.

One piece of gear I have fallen in love with is the Mountain Hardwear Summit Rocket 20. An absolutely streamline, and ultralight pack for moving fast in the mountains. What makes the pack different are the shoulder straps, which are very much the same as what come on the well designed Mountain Hardwear running packs. A super wide, soft strap with plenty of pocket space, for food, soft water bottles, phone, whatever. Dual sternum straps help to stabilize the pack, and there’s no hip belt to get in the way of a climbing harness or breathing – a very welcome trend that’s becoming more and more popular for all light packs. Need more space? the Summit Rocket also comes in a 30L size.


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