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I’ve been talking a lot about Sony after having mostly switched to using Sony after 17 years with Canon. For us, this was a huge, and very complicated decision. What got me interested in the Sony system was our need for a camera to take running, or for any activities where weight was critical – but so too quality.

Much of our photography is produced on real days out, on the fly, and without the ability to carry anything bulky. For years we dreamt of a camera with a wide angle lens capable of shooting a lot of frames per second, all while producing quality images that we could be 100% confident in. And, we wanted it to fit in our pocket. We finally found all of this in the Sony a6000. Okay, it doesn’t quite fit in a small pocket, it depends on what lens you have on it, but almost. It does however meet all the requirements we dreamt of; 11fps, highly accurate auto focus, a very sharp Zeiss 16-70mm lens (24-105mm with conversion) and the ability to shoot Raw.
The a6000 is the camera I tell people to get when they want one, all around perfect system – yes, it does exist.


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  1. Hey guys,
    I should have listened to your advice on the Sony mirrorless system, rather than going with the Fuji for mountain adventures. Too slow of autofocus and too heavy of lenses. About to switch to the A6300 and possibly the Zeiss 16-70. Honostly though, with so many armchair forum posters stating that the lens is overpriced and crap, would you really be satisfied using it as a stand alone lens for professional results? Cheers, Ben from Alaska.
    Instagram: @b_reynolds_ak

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      Hi Ben,
      The 16-35 f4 is absolutely great. We have had no issues with it and have used it for all kinds of real work – from magazine covers to trade show displays. It is razor sharp and fast to focus. After a year of using nothing but Sony, all our Canon gear is now for sale. We are committed to the Sony system.

      1. Hey Dan,
        Are you speaking of the 16-70 that I referenced and that was in the article, or the 16-35? I know that the 16-35 is great but it was the other that I wanted to get your thoughts on, as it was be used on the A6300. Cheers!

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          Ben, Sorry, my mistake. The Zeiss 16-70 lens is good, not great on the a6000 and a7’s. I do however use the lens a lot as it is so light and compact. The issues for us have been ghosting on highlights and not as sharp as compared to the 16-35 f4. But, it depends on what your needs are. Most of our’s these days is for online, and it is perfect. We have had magazines print the images and they’ve been fine.
          I suspect that the lens likes to be shot fast (>1/500) and at around f8 as sometimes images look perfect. I just haven’t figured out for sure what it is that allows them to be so good. // Dan

          1. Thanks Dan,
            Great info. Now it’s my turn to check one out for myself and see if it will work for my needs as well. Cheers! Ben

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