Best Outdoor Gear Vasque Inhalers

Part of working for so many different brands is that we often get product we’d normally never seek out on our own. Both Janine and I do almost all of our hiking trips in running shoes, they’re the most comfortable, light, agile, and what we are used to being in. But when we started working for Vasque Footwear this year, we each got a pair of the Inhalers – hiking shoes. For us, “Hiking” shoes has always meant running shoes. But after a few uses, we both really liked what made them hiking, and not running shoes. The Inhaler is somewhere between a “hiking” shoe and a beefy trail running shoe. With more support and a bomber build, they are significantly more comfortable than running shoes when wearing a pack on long days. And, while running shoes have pretty limited life, we wore the Inhalers all summer and fall, including a big trek in Nepal – and they are still like new. They’re also one of the most breathable shoes I have ever worn, and thanks to the materials, dry very quickly. The Vasque fit has proven to match our feet perfectly, if they are the same for you, consider finding a pair.


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