Black Diamond Beta Light Pack Review

Black Diamond continues to innovate with their new Beta Light 30 and 45 liter packs. We were lucky enough to get to test out the Beta Lights for several trips in 2023.

Recent Travel and Outdoor Gear Finds

I’ve been known to obsess over the things that I carry with me. But that’s because I want to move as freely as I can, whether it be high in the mountains or through an airport.


What to take trail running

The question, “What should I take trail running?” often comes our way from newer runners looking to expand their range. While it’s easy to give a snarky, “as little as possible,” that word little is …


Europe, it’s time to meet the Sunshirt

We found ourselves with climbers from all over Europe gathered together on the balcony of the Engelhorn Hut. Some drank beer, others stared at phones, most chatted, and all sat in discomfort as the record-setting …


Suunto 7 and Suunto 9 Peak Comparison Review

I’ve been clicking “start” on Suunto watches everyday for about 23 years. What started as a simple watch, stopwatch, altimeter, and barometer has evolved into something so much more. These days, my primary needs from …


Patagonia Sloperunner Exploration Pack

Designed for Adventure Running I can’t imagine limiting my running to, well, running. The more I do with trail running, the more ideas I have for projects. Running fitness opens up all kinds of opportunities, …


Oofos Running Recovery Sandals

Oofos Review “Blah blah, Oofos, blah, so comfortable, blah blah blah.” Kim was going on and on about these things and was clearly determined that I too must own a pair. Fresh off a Zurich …

La Sportiva Mutant Review

The La Sportiva Mutant is my favorite trail shoe, I announce about halfway up our morning climb. Really? That’s a pretty big statement. Dan seems a bit surprised even after I’ve gushed about them on …