Sony RX100 and a6300 Reviewed for Mountain Sports

As a pro mountain sport photographer, and someone working and playing in the mountains more than 300 days a year, I used to dream of having a camera light enough to not be a burden but …


Top 10 Favorite Photos of the Decade

Well we’ve done it – a top 10 List. Thanks to increasing peer pressure we have compiled our favorite 10 photos from the decade, which was our first full one in business. Our succumbing to …


Fun Photos vs. Work Photos

The last couple of weeks have been a flurry of activity here in the Italian Dolomites, both personal and work. We have had a number of assignments around which we have spent time doing our …


Best of Dolomites Photography

After three full years making photos and playing in the Italian Dolomites, we realized we have a visual archive that goes deep with memories and experiences. As professional photographers, we want to present the Dolomites …

PatitucciPhoto La Sportiva Photography

It is always nice to see our fun trips with friends turn productive. Here are some examples of La Sportiva’s current advertising photography from trips in 2009. PatitucciPhoto


Born to Run Ski Bike Climb

Now we understand why the question was continually asked of us when we recently visited the US, “Have you read Born to Run?”. Until now, the answer was, “No”. I typically avoid such books. I …