City Limit Sign Sprints come to the Dolomites

Andi Mariner’s eyes lit up when I told him about the American group ride ritual of sprinting for city limit signs. The rest of our group didn’t seem overly interested until Andi’s 5th sprint win over me, then Tschusse decided to play and took the final sprint returning to Brunico.

Taking the city limit sign idea one step further, Andi asked if we should also be sprinting for the leaving the city limit sign as well. Twice the sprints! But in Italy, where villages come one after another with little more than a few farmer’s fields between, we’d have about 40 sprints for a normal ride. Double this for the leaving the city limit sign and we have 80 sprints. Additionally, some of these villages are so small that you can see the leaving the city sign while passing by the entering the city limit sign. As one guy is taking the win at the entering, another is winding it up for the leaving sprint. Perhaps the best tactic is to take the win at the first and continue the sprint right on through to the leaving sign. This all gets kind of dodgy when Church is letting out and the crosswalks are full.

Regardless, after 20+ years of this, I may finally learn how to sprint.


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  1. Great Dan! You’re so right, talking about 40 sprints during one short ride 🙂
    I won the sprints only because I knew where the signs were

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