Climbing Photography: Back to my Roots

I noticed I posted just 3 Blog entries in June – this is a sign of the season – BUSY.

But! I am off to a good start on July 2…
Kurt Astner called to see if I would be available to shoot some photos of him on a route he recently freed. A famous old route on one of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the icon of the Dolomites.
I could not refuse, Kurt is one of Italy’s best climbers and former Italian National Ice Climbing Champion. His reputation is that of a true professional in every way.
Off we went to his 8a+ route.
One of the fascinating aspects of doing things here with Italian friends is the complete absence of the coffee to go mug in the car. They do not exist. One stops, often, for the minute coffees one drinks here. This is not a complaint in any way, but how is it possible that four guys can get into a car to go climbing/skiing/running/whatever, and NOT have a coffee in the car? This is too much for the American mind.

We arrived to the Tre Cime and began our work as torrents of rain fell. Luckily, the wall is massively overhung and the rain never came close to where we worked, sheltered beneath the roofs which make the climbing so difficult.

My career started with climbing photography, and so it was a joy to return and still understand the sport. My arms were not so joyful with the jumaring as they are only used to holding onto bike handlebars.

Kurt did his route, I made some photos and together we all enjoyed a pizza on the way home. But still, the coffee cup thing…


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