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10 years later, nothing much has changed. While 2000 was spent living in a VW Westfalia, connecting the dots that are climbing areas in the Western US and shooting photos that would be the foundation of our mountain sport photography business – 2010 is little different. While a Subaru has replaced a VW, and seeking dial up has been eliminated by an iPad, really, little has changed. I still get scared at Indian Creek, my hands still bleed from crack climbing, road tripping climbers are immense fun and Yosemite’s walls are still HUGE. Best of all, we still love making photos that document life on a climbing road trip, there is just nothing like it. Climbing ties it all together, immerses us in a unique culture and gives us a goal beyond just photos.

Here then are some of our favorite images from the last month on the road, not necessarily for work, but from our life in the Sierra Nevada, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite Valley, Indian Creek and Castle Valley.

Kurt Astner wrestling with hand jams on the Phoenix, 5.13a, in Yosemite Valley

Kurt Astner on Phoenix 5.13a

Heading down at sunset after climbing desert towers, Castle Valley, Utah

Alberto De Giuli coiling the rope after rappelling off Castleton Tower

Alberto De Giuli topping out on Tuolumne’s Cathedral Peak as the first raindrops of an October storm begin

Alberto De Giuli and Janine Patitucci moving quickly up the final 4th class of the East Buttress route to the summit of Mt. Whitney 

Alberto De Giuli on the Tower Traverse pitch of the East Face route on Mt. Whitney, 5.6

Washing up in Iceberg Lake beneath the East Face of Mt. Whitney

Night scene in camp beneath Mt. Whitney

Watching the sunset from the Grandview Trail in Canyonlands National Park

Hiking into Mt. Whitney and Iceberg Lake

Approaching the impressive East Face of Mt. Whitney and Keeler Needle


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  1. Dan and Janine,
    Congratulations on 10 years of an amazing life, wondrous travels, great work, incredible photos, and just in general,
    good stuff. Very impressive, a mother couldn’t be more proud.
    All my love, and wishing you the best as you travel on to
    more exotic locales in Asia.
    Be well and safe!

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