Sports Injuries & Coping

Throughout the years I have broken a wrist, a collarbone, a scapula, fingers, and ribs. I have put my hand through a front wheel with bladed spokes at high speed, embedded a CO2 cartridge in my back, separated my tib fib skiing and performed countless other acts of pain. I have a large collection of braces, wraps, and supports. Most recently an old tear in my quadricep tendon is back and causing concern.

Dan broken down in Chamonix 2006

Yesterday, I hobbled into the house where we are staying and discovered our friend Kay wearing a massive knee brace. Uh Oh…As it is ski season there was little doubt what happened.

Luckily, with age comes some wisdom on coping with sports injuries. The frustration is still there, but so too some understanding. Injuries happen for a reason, there is nothing we can do but learn from them.
For me it is time off the bike, but for poor Kay, she is awaiting the verdict of just what is going on and when will she back in action.
Unlike all previous days, she did not ski today. That is her reality.
Methods of staying sane was the house topic.

My history has taught me that when injured it is critical that I remain on my program. The actual training part may not happen, but the healthy eating, stretching, rest, and personal physical care must continue. It helps me coping when I am still active, still an athlete and still healthy. Keep the blood flowing, keep positive. Time goes by and the body heels. At some point during the downtime there will be an appreciation for what has been learned.

So what are your tricks to the injury recovery process? Do you have funny stories of the ever present neurotic belief, “Oh my God I am going to get fat and slothful and everything I worked so hard for is lost. Woe. Is. Me”.
Believe me, we feel your pain.


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  1. Heh…sorry to hear about your injury…no fun!! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and words…I am dealing with unending mysterious knee pain and swelling…so frustrating…will put your words to work and try to “Actively” heal…no more pizza and beer! :o)


    ps..I saw somewhere amoungst your blogging that you and janine climbed the Eiger???!!! You guys are amazing!!! Keep healing~

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