Dynafit Eruption and Aurora Down Jacket Review

Isn’t it mandatory these days for Product Reviews to reveal whether or not the reviewer was given products for free? If so, I hereby admit that yes, Dynafit recently sent me a huge box of goods – for a photo shoot. But “free” gear does not always make for “good” gear, so when something is good I like to let it be known.

Look like a fashion champ in Dynafit's new clothing

Announcing : the Dynafit Eruption Down jacket for men, and the Women’s version, the Aurora Down jacket, both – perfect. Two thumbs up, 5 star, you get the idea.

Why? And what are they? Super light puffy down jackets that compress down to nearly nothing for in your pack. Pull them out, shake them a time or two and voila, a form fitting, sport cut, ultralight, super warm puffy. During this time shooting skiing in the Italian Dolomites, we have been living in them, both in the mountains and in town. I have been keeping it on to stay warm shooting, then skiing with it and loving the comfy, cozy warmth.

The material is a light nylon that I have deemed bomber after my camera’s flash mount snagged on it and was forcefully torn across the surface of the jacket making a terrible sound of shredding material. My fears were for nothing as the jacket had not even a mark.

So why are we impressed by a jacket that nearly every outdoor clothing company offers? Because unlike so many others, this one fits snug, yet flexes as you move, zero constriction, no extra material, just a form fitting cocoon of warmth made from quality materials. Of course it is down, so don’t get it wet, and don’t leave it stuffed in a stuffsack all summer.

Visit the Dynafit site for all the info on these jackets and their growing line of performance clothing

Tea Time in the Dolomites

The men's and women's Dynafit down jackets


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  1. Hey Dan,

    I’m looking at a ultra in Italy next year, the dolomites look epic! I need a place in the US where I can score an eruption jacket in XL. If you’ve got any hints I’d appreciate it.

    Pics are unbelievable!

    talk soon,


    1. Post

      Hi Hal, Let me know where you will be in the Dolomites, we’ll connect, if you are close you can stay with us. Not sure about the jacket, I think all their clothes come in later this year, the US line. I’ll check with my contacts there.

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