Woman sitting in hot spring

Expressive is a new addition to our online stock site’s categories. While our other categories are based on subject, Expressive is based on a feel; the sheer beauty of the environment, a playful look or special action by the subject, a uniquely captured moment, or simply some emotion we can all identify with. The images are in the collection because they are what make still photography special.

More than anything, these images are what we love about photography, what we love about making photos – the type of photos that make us happy to create and to look at.

We hope you enjoy them and would love to hear which are your favorites.

PatitucciPhoto’s Expressive Images


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  1. So many choices …

    I like 08PPIf0240e because of the mood it sets – relaxing, open, languid. And the contrast between the color of the water and the rock appeals to my eye.

    I like 06PPIf0314e because it’s so beautyful. Never thought I would say that about a cup of coffee, but the color, the swirl of the foam, those hands …

    Finally, I like 03SPyg0074 because it evokes a mood/feeling that I wish I had more of in my life. Warm, flexible, relaxed.

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