Head Case

Can’t wait to get off this piste, so many skiers, all of them staring at me as I am going up while they are all going down. Hurry up before you get creamed.

Why is he going up? Who skis uphill at a resort? I do.

My right knee hurts and why do my boots feel big today? my heels are slipping up too much. Finally, the trail into the forest, off the piste, alone. Stopwatch, turn it on. 140 heart rate. Warm up a little more, it is cold, -1 celsius in the shade. Knee feels better. Go.

Icey. Slipping so much, do I suck at this or is it really too icey.

181, too high this early. Calm down and focus.

Getting chilled as the sweating starts, all part of the break in to the session.

I wonder which Dirty Harry movie had that line, what was it, about the do you feel lucky bit. That Eastwood was something, way better than Rambo or Terminator. 176, much better. I sure stare at my feet a lot.


Damn, chick song on the iPhone, the hazards of shuffle… I need to do something about the playlists for hard workouts. Can’t be listening to Shannon Whitworth when I need Eminem. Gloves are too thick to hit the next button …Deal.

When I get back I need to post that lightbox for Genny. What was the request anyway?
180. Steeper here, feeling awake now and moving well, knee is good.

What should we have for dinner tonight? Pasta of course but what? Tuna, spice it up a bit with chili pepper in a red sauce. Is there any rucola left?

Maybe I should Blog about my thoughts… all this random dribble going through my head. Athletes will fully get it, others will think it is absurd. I have been having these days, mostly alone, for over twenty years now. 178. It would be an interesting study on athletes, just what is going through everyone’s heads out here. All those photos, people looking all focused and driven when they are really trying to figure out if they remembered to take the compost out.

Two more people ahead of me, get noticed, clear the throat and pass. “Hallo.” Oh good they saw the headphones and didn’t chat. 184, 28:30. Time to move faster, run when you can and use the glide.

Psyched for the next race, but why am I intimidated by this sport? If it were bike racing I wouldn’t feel intimidated, but ski racing is nuts. I know how to bike race. It is the descents that scare me. And the etiquette, what is the etiquette for passing and so on? Screw it, be Dirty Harry.

Something chocolatey sounds good. What did I bring for the top? Hhmmm, really sweaty and the higher I go the colder it gets. 176. I am going to freeze on the descent.

Oh, can’t forget to get coffee the next time at the store. And some broccoli.


58:28, 178. Turbo is kicking in on the flatter section. Stride now, glide where you can but try to rest a bit. Breathe. Steep is next.

Ya, M.I.A. Much better. Good timing.

It is gorgeous here, above the treeline I can see forever. So white. Town is tiny now. 184. I wonder what animal pees every 30 meters along the trail. A fox? Why do I always feel better after an hour?

“Hopp, Hopp, Vai, Vai, Dai, Dai”  What the… whoa, where did they come from on this trail? a ski intstructor and his group all screaming for me. Love Europe, people applaud and respect the athlete.

Sometimes it is hard to get out, to leave the house when it is cold and the legs are already tired from the day before. But it is always worth it. Why is it always perfect? no matter what. There’s the Magerstein, wow, so much snow on it… we need to go ski it soon. 182. I feel perfect. An hour at my AT with no problems, good sign.

Brrrrr. I hate skinning beneath the gondola line, like I am a loser who can’t afford a lift ticket. Hardly anyone up here. 186. Go.

1:12 is good for the long way and I still have more in me. A tea is sounding really good, lounge time? or lap number two?


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  1. What a great post! It totally reminds me of what goes on in my head on a long run.

    Another tune suggestion for you…My ultimate running song of all time (could be good for other things as well):

    Faith No More – The Real Thing. Starts slow, builds up, has great hardcore chorus sections in perfect stride rhythm, followed by slow sections. Perfect for intervals.

    Rock on!

  2. Nice, just getting down what’s in your head… It’s amazing how our mundane thoughts, our frustrations, can be beautiful out of context.


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