Iceland Quick Summary

20090803-_MG_556410 days shooting in Iceland is a wrap and now we find ourselves soaking up some much needed sun in the Italian Dolomites.

Iceland Summary:

Wet, windy, always light (yet cloudy dark), cuisine challenged, full of fun, friendly people, and in all likelihood, home to the single most beautiful & unique landscape we have seen.

Overall, Iceland gets a 9+ (would be a 10 but for a horrific seafood experience) as a destination. The time is now to go as they are in recovery mode from their economic woes. Tourism is much cheaper than it used to be. This was our third time there and expenses are much less than they used to be. Put Iceland on your priority list and go see what we have been talking about.

We overheard a fishing guide tell some clients, “You may not always catch fish in Iceland, but you’ll always catch a cold”. The same is true for photographers and friends. Colds were a popular souvenir, but well worth it.

Much more info will come later, including a full trip report of the Laugavegur Tour over at DolomiteSport. For now, we’d like to provide a quick glimpse of some early images we have been happy with. Many more will be posted in the coming week on this site.

Iceland Photo Samples


Dan & Janine Patitucci


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  1. Hi

    It´s always nice to see pictures taken in Iceland by foreigners, they always have a better eye for the beauty that exist there.

    Now I´m heading your way, running around Mont Blanc with thousands of other runners. Will be a great fun.

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