Instant Gratification

PTTiming is everything. Right? Right.

Last night we were out shooting trail running in the Dolomites with our friend Patrizia Taibon. Besides being a great friend, Patrizia has become a star model for us. Her modeling portfolio is beginning to look impressive with numerous magazine covers and ads featuring her. Being both shy and humble, when we show her something new that she is in, she typically replies with a polite smile, then an inquiry as to when we are going for a run, climb or anything else requiring endurance. She is busy, “let’s go!” – she is also a mom.

So, last night while out running, and shooting running, we received an email. Notice that we have the next (and our fifth) cover of the American Backpacker Magazine – featuring Patrizia. The layout pdf came along as well. So there we were, making photos in the Dolomites and looking at a photo of the Dolomites that we made last year for a major US magazine. Perfect timing. Patrizia was all thumbs up. Thanks Patrizia!


Patrizia trail running in the Italian Dolomites

More trail running photos from last night’s shoot are over at DolomiteSport


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