Introducing Kim Strom

Kim Strom Trail running above Val Funtauna between Berguns and Davos, Switzerland with golden fall colors

You may have noticed that there has consistently been someone appearing in a lot of our images. She’s also been contributing to this site and posting to our social media. You might even follow her yourself. She’s Kim Strom, and she loves to run in the mountains.

We first met Kim at the 2016 Dynafit Speed Transalp. Within 20 minutes of running with her I had a new best friend. An hour later we were scheming work opportunities. Turns out Kim can not only run fast and long, she can write, shoot photos, design and not annoy me. Her motivation may actually surpass my own. She’s the real deal.

Early last winter, several opportunities popped up for us to work together as a team. We were given numerous magazine assignments where her stories would accompany our images. Off we went for a trekking story in the Indian Himalaya, Bulgaria and northern Italy for ski touring, and then several smaller things in the Swiss Alps. After months of traveling together, Janine, Kim and I had become a strong and proven team. So, when a publisher came to us about doing a trail running book on the Swiss Alps, it made perfect sense to bring Kim on board to work with Doug Mayer on the text.

From June until the very last days of October, we did little more than trail run in the Alps for the book project. And when we did take a break, we ran the Glacier Haute Route as an assignment for numerous magazines. By the end of the year, I had had enough of trail running, but not of Kim. She even joined us on our annual pilgrimage to Kalymnos, Greece for climbing holiday. And there we finalized the idea to have Kim be a part of our business, and especially to grow ALPSinsight.

But there’s more, and this is what we are most excited about announcing. The Run the Alps Switzerland book project needs a home online. Better yet, the Alps need a trail and mountain running resource. And this is what we have in the works, and why we have been silent for the last two months. It’s all under construction. The Run the Alps Switzerland runs will be introduced (but yes, you still need to buy the book…) along with plenty more trail runs and mountain tours. The site is expected to launch in February. Stay tuned.

Kim will also be providing a woman’s voice and perspective to the gear reviews and story telling. We couldn’t be more happy to have her energy powering all that’s in the works for 2018.

Kim Strom

Kim Strom Trail running in the Turtmenntal while on a running tour to the Barrhorn, a 3610 meter peak that is the highest point in the Alps with an official trail to the top. Switzerland.


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