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Cyclists… Now admit it, you want to feel like a European based pro. You want to ride those perfect, twisting switchbacked climbs, descend amongst towering walls, and fly through villages on cobbled lanes. When your ride is over, you want to pull into a luxury hotel, park your bike in a work room, march into the hotel, grab a fresh juice and proceed to the showers. You want to know that the hotel is designed around your exact needs as a cyclist.

Want to spoil yourself? Check out the services of a Certified Bike Hotel in the Italian Dolomites. To qualify, the hotel must meet specific requirements to cater to a visiting cyclist, road or mountain – in other words, be prepared to be pampered, which really means that you’ll live like a professional cyclist while staying at one of the hotels.

This is a blatant plug for a friend’s hotel as he has just become an official Bike Hotel in the Italian Dolomite’s Alta Badia. I was completely impressed by the set up; bike shop, wash area, special food available, daily guided tours upon request, GPS rentals, laundry service and even a full wellness center. This is an ideal way to show up to the Dolomites and ride without epics, well… at least on the logistics end of the program. It’s up to you on the fitness.

The Hotel Melodia del Bosco is situated in the village of Badia (Pedraces), the absolute ideal location in which to base yourself as a cyclist, road or mountain. In fact, this is the staging village for arguably the world’s finest Granfondo, the Maratona dles Dolomites which starts just 5 km away.

For mountain bikers, the region is known for big tours on both singletrack and dirt roads. From the door of the hotel you can hop on trails that will get you high into the mountains with stunning views and access to the famous mountain huts.

For cyclists traveling with non-cyclists and trying to make it all balance – the hotel will provide ideas for other ways to enjoy the Dolomites; Hiking trips, Via Ferrate, Cultural events, Wellness Center time or ways to enjoy the region’s famous Cuisine.

Are the Dolomites the ultimate cycling venue?

This summer may prove that they are – the region of Trentino is looking to close the Dolomites (now a UNESCO site) most famous passes to motor traffic. While not confirmed, this idea has been in the works for some time and looks to be nearing reality. With the tremendous success of events like the Sellaronda Bike Day, which draws over 15,000 cyclists to the area for a day of closed roads, the local state and tourism offices are realizing the good that comes from non-mechanized tourism. I can think of no better cycling experience than having these passes to myself.

Contact Melodia del Bosco for more information

For additional information about Dolomite trips and itineraries, visit the locally owned and operated Specialty Tour Service Holimites


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  1. As an American who has spent time on the roads of the Dolomites I can say it is indeed bliss! And Pedraces is THE location, you can access all the roads from there without having to backtrack and Pedraces is much more local flavor than Corvara. Plus, if you are lucky you will time your ride to suck the wheel of Dan, Igor, or Oskar as long as you can. Don’t hesitate to go, the roads, people, weather, scenery, accessibility, ease of travel and enjoyment will please even the highest expectations. The Holimites crew will take care of you, ask them how.

  2. Just be ready for my ‘quick’ training starts 😉 If you can keep that pace, you can suck my wheel!!!


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