Janine Patitucci… Who is this woman?

She has graced more magazine covers than most celebrities, she has appeared in countless advertisements, been seen on billboards, on the side of a Hong Kong skyscraper, but also, she has photographed for Visa card images and cereal boxes. To date she has Photoshopped roughly 80,000 images, built and maintained numerous websites, speaks three languages (and counting) and even gutted & remodeled our entire house, primarily on her own.

Who is this woman of countless talents?
She is Janine Patitucci – my wife and partner in PatitucciPhoto.
And, it is about time she deserves some recognition.
One thing she does not do much of is answer the phone, that is my job. She’ll take the German language calls, but few in English and none in Italian.
She is the rock of PatitucciPhoto. The behind the scenes player that really drives this entire program. In this relationship, our nationalities seem textbook.
Dan the Italian: Fun but occasionally chaotic, fashion over function, excessive energy, prefers to do the talking, waves hands often.
Janine the Swiss: Perfection speaks louder than descriptions. Works, a lot. Likes her chocolate. Too busy working with hands to wave.
It is a match made in Photo Business Heaven.
But why is she in so many photos throughout the years? Well… who else goes scouting with me for 8 hours on mountain bikes? Who else runs around Mont Blanc for fun? Who else alpine climbs in the nasty weather? She is always there, the camera is always there… get it? Consistency.
And so this is how we have done it all these years. A bit of luck and lots of hard work when we are off doing our own thing. Great weather…?
“Janine, quick, let’s shoot something here!!!”
Remember, for us it is a lifestyle choice. We love what we do; we get to do our sports, make photos, be in the mountains, travel, and we do it all together. There happens to be a successful business intertwined amongst it all, we would have it no other way.
Janine hard at work in the Italian Dolomites

Janine and Marcello Cominetti being taxi’d on Italian dirt roads


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  1. Janine, I have known you were awesome since the first time I met you. Dan, you are a smart man. Love to you both. Southern New Mexico anyone???

  2. Yup, Janine is great! Barely know you Janine but you are certainly the backbone!

    You guys have a great life – and those italian Dolomites look incredible – looks like paradise.

    Sorry to see that you guys won’t be in Maine this fall at the Aurora meetings – you’ll be missed but somehow I bet you’ll be having way more fun than we will!

    Cheerio – Michael Clark

  3. I am a painter (and avid hiker) who just finished a painting inspired by Janine’s photo in Sierra Magazine–“Diana of the Sierras” is the title of the painting. If you like I can e-mail a photo of the painting. I am a student of Andrea Rushing-who has a website, I don’t.

    1. Post

      Hi Janice, thanks – we would like to see it, you can email a jpeg to stock(at)patitucciphoto(dot)com Nice to hear our work inspired you, this kind of news is really the most rewarding to us.

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