2009 L’Eroica Photos


Simply put, I love bikes.

The culture of cycling is a large reason I have chosen to live in Italy, for the roots run deep and rich.

This past weekend we headed south to Tuscany to photograph the lifestyle around the 2009 L’Eroica. An event celebrating the culture of bike racing and all things that we humans have done with the bicycle. Ironically, in addition to the event I was able to also enjoy the town hosting it, Gaiole in Chianti, where I spent 6 months living on a ranch in 1997. What a joy to be able to play with photography, where I fell in love with photography.











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  1. Really excellent photography…I like how you aged the prints! Really brings depth to the subject.

    My favorite shot is the third one…it’s like the two bikes are the ones caught up in a tête-à-tête instead of the people holding them up. Really wonderful!

    1. What really struck me about all these old bikes, and they must be made pre-1987 – is that they are still getting ridden. L’Eroica’s course is not easy, dirt and rocky roads. And the riders go bombing down really bumpy roads – I saw wood wheels – WOOD! So cool.

  2. i’m more of a flat peddlar…i must admit..but..my bike is orange( this years birthday present of her indoors)…

  3. Great photos… they just don’t make ’em like they used to (not that I’m old enough to know how they used to make ’em… but you know what I mean!)


  4. you seem to have the fascination with bikes that I’m developing for brass instruments. i just picked up a new King Alto horn made in Ohio from the 50’s, I don’t think it was an expensive instrument at the time, but for me a very rich sounding full instrument, fun. i envy your appreciation to photo your collection here.

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