Life on & Along the Road

For the fourth time in two months we have changed our address. And, we remain without a car. Naturally, the necessary parts are nowhere to be found. Homeless, transportationless but thankfully not friendless.

Moving day, where did all this stuff come from?

We decided that John and Leslie, our hosts for the last month, needed a break from the Dan & Janine Show. So, two new friends have found us settling into their Crowley Lake home. Tim and Kay – thanks for the support and cozy cabin in the snowy woods.

Life has been simple. We ski, we work, we spend time each evening with friends. It has been good and we look forward to the plethora of coming East Side Christmas parties on the horizon.

And skiing… well, all that powder we have been enjoying the last two weeks seems to have blown to Nevada or been pressed into windslab. The peaks behind the house here need some exploring to see what we can find. Today we did just that but were shut down, not only skiing but on the two mile walk back home, our thumbs were ignored.

Lawn chairs in the back of the van, headed for a Potluck

Janine on the long walk home, ignored by another car

Dan settling in


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