Living and working in the Swiss Alps

Swiss Alpine Club : Stock Licensing

In 2000 I made my first visit to Switzerland. It was time I met the family of my then girlfriend, Janine. It was also time that I laid eyes on the Alps. On my first morning, from Janine’s parents house outside Luzern, I saw the infamous Eiger Nordwand. Even from an hour away, it was massive. And what lay behind, bigger still, much bigger. Spread out to what seemed like infinity were a never ending sea of summits. The Alps.

Our first trip was in fact to Grindelwald, where I stood in awe at what surrounded me. I was in love. An alpine climbing trip into the Berner Oberland closed the deal, I had to live here, I had to be a part this place.

15 years later it is all a reality, and so much more. Of course, Janine and I got married and together grew our photo business into what it is today. We live in Interlaken, only 20 minutes away from the Eiger. Switzerland is my home, my citizenship, and my workplace. The community we live in is full of like minded moutain sport athletes that welcomed us into the local culture. We’ve made great friends and been lucky enough to be able to explore the Alps for both work and play. Now, if I could only learn Swiss German… it’s proven to be the hardest part. Hopefully a position working at a hut this spring will change that. I’ll be volunteering at the Berner Oberland’s Lobhorn Hut where I have been told English is stricly verboten, at least for me. Stay tuned.

Included here are some clips from the Swiss clients we work with, and projects we have beeen a part of. Above is our cover on the Swiss Alpine Club’s beautifully produced Die Alpen Magazin.

Switzerland Tourism : Projects, Assignments, Stock Licensing


Switzerland Tourism has been a huge supporter of what we do. We have shot countless travel stories and commercial projects throughout Switzerland, for which they have provided invaluable support.


Mammut : Commercial Photoshoots


The quintessential Swiss outdoor brand, Mammut. We produced an ad campaign for their Ultimate Line in the Tessin.


Tages Anzeiger / Das Magazine : Stock Licensing


Tages Anzeiger’s Das Magazin, one of Switzerland’s largest publications, covered Ueli Steck’s story on Annapurna, which we were a part of and photographed in 2013.


Fit for Life VELO : Stock Licensing


Fit for Life’s Velo Magazin, a photo by Janine, of me, doing one of my favorite things, riding on the Klausenpass.


Transa Switzerland : Stock Licensing


Transa Switzerland : Stock Licensing


Transa’s 4 Season Magazine has used many of our images for their covers. The Winter 2014 photo was made in 2014 and is a ski tour we did from home, in the Berner Oberland, with great friends. The Spring 2013 cover is from our favorite trail anywhere, the Hardergrat, connecting Interlaken to Brienz.

Bächli Sport Switzerland : Assignments & Stock Licensing


Bächli Sport’s Inspiration Magazin used an image of our’s for their debut publication. Another day out for just Janine and I, and from a long ridge traverse we did in the Wallis, high above the Mattertal conecting many summits before finishing on the 4000 meter Nadelhorn.

Swiss Alpine Club : Stock Licensing


And finally, another Swiss Alpine Club Die Alpen cover, this one from the Chamonix to Zermatt  Haute Route



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  1. I can totally relate to the first sight of the Swiss Alps and how mesmerizing it is. For me, I was 11 years old, and on a train from Wadenswil (where my cousins live) to Saas Grund to go skiing. My mouth was agape as the train rolled through valleys, up mountainsides, through tunnels and the snow fell outside and the icicles hung off rock faces and in the tunnels. It was magical and I have always been in love with the Swiss Alps ever since.

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