LowePro Flipside Sport 15L Pack Review


For the last few weeks, we have been lucky to have had use of Lowepro’s latest pack for adventure sport and travel photographers. It is a joy to get to use new product before it hits the market, test it, and release little teasers via social media. A couple of things I have learned: LowePro is really listening to design input from photographers, like us, that they support and work with. And, photographers love camera bags. After I drop hints about new bags I see the effects in the form of countless social media comments and private messages sent my way pleading for more info.

Now a new one is out in the form of a rear panel entry, super compact, minimalist design active camera pack. What sets the Flipside 15L apart is its small size yet capability to carry a full size pro body, like the Canon 1d Mark IV.
At this very moment we are traveling in Peru and trekking in the Andes. The Flipside has gone on day trips around villages and been packed inside larger bags to be used as a summit pack and for camera gear storage. For overall travel, it is the perfect carry on office pack.
As discussed in the previous post, we carry very little camera gear on these sorts of trips so the fully functional, 100% usable space of the Flipside’s 15L is appreciated.


For use in the field, inside my pack is a pro body with 17-40 attached, 70-200 f4, 15mm 2.8, film cards, spare battery, and room for a little clothing. In the side pocket I keep a water bottle and instead of a tripod in the built in sleeve, I have been carrying a jacket for the conditions we’re in. The built in rain cover has come in handy in what is proving a very rainy April in the Andes.
One thing I have learned is that if I throw all this in, zip the panel closed and head out, I am going to soon have some settling in the pack and something will soon be poking me in the back. This is easily remedied by simply laying the extra piece of clothing over the top of all the camera gear to keep things in place.

For most of my needs the Flipside 15L is the perfect pack as I usually need to carry a full size pro body. The Flipside is my choice over the Photosport series unless I am on a trip where I can carry a smaller body like the 5d, or I need the slightly larger capacity of the Photosport pack. Also, it is a joy to work out of with the easy access and absolute simplicity. It carries well, is low profile, and has no unnecessary features.

LowePro is meeting the needs of outdoor and travel photographers perfectly with the Flipside 15L and Photosport packs. Finally, active users have choices that are both real camera bags and real packs.

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