Outdoor Research Centrifuge Jacket

Gear Review Winter Rap Up number 2 is the Outdoor Research Centrifuge Jacket

The Outdoor Research Centrifuge Jacket

OR_Centrifuge Jacket

Last fall we started shooting some work for Outdoor Research and as usual, some gear spun out of the shoot and into my hands. More than any other piece of clothing I used this winter, none was so perfect as the Centrifuge Jacket. Designed primarily for high output activity, it has a cozy and soft wind & water resistant front to block the cold. But while the front keeps the chill off, the back lets go of all your moisture buildup through a breathable light fleece which I found stayed dry even with a pack on going hard. Finally, there is a perfectly fitted hood with high face cover made of a breathable fabric for the coldest days. I found I could skin wearing the jacket over a light baselayer even on the cold days (-10 celsius). Once on top I would typically be dry enough to throw on a puffy vest and either a full puffy or ski jacket and off I’d go. What makes the piece so good is the multiple material design, and it’s meant for aerobic activity, as a result you don’t overheat and get soaked, and your overall layering system is simplified. It’s the ‘go to’ jacket for most everything.

The jacket is cut and fitted for athletes, designed by real mountain athletes and UIAGM Mountain Guides – and it shows. I wore the jacket on about 80 ski tours over the winter, traveled, and lived in it – it looks like new and will be put to use this summer for alpine climbing and mountain running. Outdoor Research is a brand doing everything right at the moment and has been very exciting to be involved with.

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  1. Good to hear that their stuff is getting to be more “technically designed.” I had a hard time with the fit of their stuff in previous years. Maybe worth giving them a try again.

    1. Post

      Funny how these things are – OR’s small fits me across the board where most other American brands smalls are enormous, even X small is too big.

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