Pfunderer Höhenweg


The Pfunderer Hohenweg

The Pfunderer Hohenweg

The Pfunderer Höhenweg

We have just returned from one of the most enjoyable tours we have ever done, the Pfunderer Hohenweg. For now this will have to be a brief summary as I will do a full tour write up in the coming days for both the Hiking and Trail Running Pages. The trail is approximately 75km in length with a lot of up and down, we’ll consult the Garmin devices to see just how much.

Let’s just say that the Hohenweg is a classic, but especially for mountain running which is the style in which we did it. We had it all; ridge traversing, wide open meadows, huge flower covered hillsides, countless peak bagging opportunities and lots and lots of late season snowy couloirs to trudge up.

We were shocked at the amount of snow still in the high country, and also at how many skiers are still out. In fact the only other people we saw on the tour were skiers and other mountain runners. Hut keepers told us we were likely the first to do the tour this season as the passes have so much snow. This announcement was usually followed by a reminder that we had running shoes and lycra on, not alpine boots and Schoeller. It did look like winter but it all went down not too far off a typical summer outing in the big mountains.

This trip was particularly satisfying for us as photographers as we shot how we did it in the early days, all on the fly and all just for fun. A perfect combo of life as an athlete and life as a photographer just spending time with our closest friend. Below is a quick glimpse of photos in order of capture, from our home in Bruneck to Sterzing.

Next week we’ll be running Italy’s most famous trail, the Alta Via 1.


Day 1 above the Pfundertal


Janine airing out the feet and having Andreas check scent



Andreas Irsara and Janine, kilometer 26, day 1


Day 1, gaining elevation to the hut


Andreas and Janine, day 1, final kilometer to the hut


Dan & Andreas, course 2, Edelraut Hut


Janine and Andreas, day 2 departure


Andreas and Janine


Andreas and Janine arriving to the Bodner Alm, day 2


Climbing the first of our big snow couloirs, day 2


Janine and Andreas, easier ground at the Brixner Hut


Andreas Irsara eating at the Brixner Hut


Janine and Andreas, day 3 and another snowy pass to climb



Andreas and Janine running in a not so summery landscape, the Wildersee/Lago Salvaggio


Lower elevation encounters


The final kilometer to the car


Flavoring the fountain water


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  2. Dan
    Amazing stuff makes me jones for some Alpine time.now I know why you live there. fantastic!

  3. I am sitting in a coffee shop in Venice and everyone is giving me funny looks and giggling at me because I keep letting out a little whimper and sigh with each of your passing photos. Imagine me sitting there biting my fist to keep from crying out loud with envy.

    Glad it was a good one, hope to join you sometime.
    Cheers, A

  4. I’m sitting here in Stinson Beach, loving the imagery and inspiration it evokes in me. Can’t wait to come visit. I am going to run Troop 80 and back on Bootjack after 9am work conference call. Curious how you carry camera gear and do you run along? Are you going minimal wide angle/1 body. Love it, love it. Great Work!

    1. Post

      HI Daphne,
      Yes, I do the run as well, I always take part in these things we do. Starting Sunday we are running the Dolomites Alta Via 1, 5 days.
      1 body, Canon 5d with a 16-35 2.8 that I carry, meanwhile Janine carries a 70-200 4.0. I just stick it in my pack, a Deuter Pace 20L. Sometimes I remove the lens from the body when it is in my pack, but only if I am not shooting much, just seems to carry better like that. I rarely/never use any “real” camera bags.
      Glad you like the site and hope you are doing well.

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