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We were lucky enough to be the photographers for a recent trip along Catalunya’s Costa Brava – a trail running tour. Or, to be more precise, a tour of the finest gastronomic delights along a magical section of Mediterranean coastline. One guest put it this way, “The running has been pretty easy, it’s the eating that requires endurance”.

The trip was hosted by Pablo Rodríguez and his wife Cristina Moret through their Running Costa Brava Trail Running Tour Service. Pablo is originally from Costa Rica and fell in love with both the region of Catalunya, and a local – it all shows as his enthusiasm to show off the food, culture and especially the running is contagious. The man literally vibrates with excitement to run, run, run. Given that his overnights are at 4 or 5 star hotels and guests dine at Michelin starred restaurants – you will indeed want to run to connect them as fast as possible.

Running Costa Brava caters to most any budget or desired trip, from 5 star everything to trips less luxurious – you can hike, run, kayak, bike, whatever you choose. Along the way we did a little of it all, and Pablo loves throwing in surprises, some of which were genuine, “You’ve got to be kidding… we get to do that!” What ‘that’ is you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Catalunya is an autonomous region where they speak not Spanish, but Catalan. Everywhere we went we all managed to meet extraordinarily kind people who were equally as passionate to show us their home, landscape and culture. For those who love to eat this is the place, for the Costa Brava is home to seventeen Michelin starred restaurants. To be a restaurant in Catalunya means you must be good, really good, even down to the smallest family run restaurants. I thought Italy was serious about food, but in Catalunya it is taken to an all new level. The ingredients are always the best, much like all the ingredients of the region and Running Costa Brava itself – they are the best we’ve had.

For full info, visit: Running Costa Brava


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  1. Dan, Janine… I’m so glad that I could share these days with you.
    What I’ve just read and the photos I’ve just seen, is simply amazing.
    Love every picture, colours, composition, light… I’ve so much to learn from you! 😉
    Thanks for all, your knowledge, your patience, your advices, and thanks for answering all of my questions.
    Hope we meet again! In the Costa Brava or in the wild and beautiful Switzerland.
    Thanks again!


    1. Post

      Spending days with you was an absolute joy as well – I look forward to more big dinners at midnight with you. 😉
      Hope to see you in September at our photo workshop – or yes, along the Costa Brava.

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