Ski Rando Race Gear

Ski Rando Racing : What gear is needed?

While packing for a weekend of Ski Rando Racing (Ski Mountaineering Racing) in the Italian Dolomites, I though to snap a quick photo to present exactly what it is that goes and is typically required.

I have two races to choose from tomorrow and am prepared for each. One is a frantic, technical race (Tour de Sas) that is a result of the dangerous avalanche conditions right now – the original course had to be cancelled due to extreme risk. The other race is above Cortina d’Ampezzo and is a 750 meter uphill night race – which suits me perfectly and is my likely choice. I’ll probably shoot the Tour de Sas in the morning and then race at night, an endurance event all its own.

So here it is, the goods for Euro Ski Rando Racing – you’ll note everything is ultralight (and it gets much lighter) and minimalistic, only in severely cold weather are more clothes put on for descents. The idea is to keep moving, although there are minimal gear requirements for safety.

Skis : Ski Trab Race Aero World Cup

Poles : Ski Trab

Boots : Dynafit DyNAs

Helmet : Dynafit Rando Race Helmet

Goggles : Rudy Project

One piece suit – oh ya – Team Badia Sport

Skins : 2 pair (sometimes required) Contours 50mm

Probe : Carbon ultralight probe (required)


Backpack : Dynafit Race Pack with ski carrying system

Heart Rate Monitor : Garmin Forerunner 405

Emergency Blanket (required)

Avalanche Beacon (required)

Ultralight Shovel (required)

Socks : Smartwool

Gloves : one pair light, one pair insulated

–missing items, shells for both top and bottom


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  1. 2 races in a row! you are in the next OLYMPICS! You’ll do great in both, better in the second one. YOGINI PREDICTION. I’ll be empathising with you ,as
    Aug and I will ll be striving in the mud on Alta Via 1 of the Prealps around Padua, on the track of our next trail race on April 11: Traversata Colli Euganei, 42km, +2000m http://www.traversatacollieuganei.it

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  2. I love this kind of ‘peek in the pack’ feature. That’s for sharing it, Dan.
    Is that a “snowclaw” shovel you have rolled up at the bottom of the photo ?
    Are they common for this sort of endeavor? Good Luck in all your ‘events’ !

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      Hi Jim, The shovel is a special shovel for ski rando racing, a kind of plastic rollable thing, so ya, I guess I know what a snowclaw is and it is similar. Carbon Fiber ones exist as well but I haven’t invested. Kind of ridiculous, I’ll wait until I do more races and get obsessed.

      1. There is hardly any product that can’t be made more expensive by the addition of carbon fiber! I’m holding out for the carbon fiber,GPS equipped, Bluetooth-enabled shovel ! Embrace the ridiculous gear obsession!

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          I just read Born to Run and it reminded me of a longtime belief…. I loved the line for training and diet, “eat as a poor person would eat.” I am trying to focus on why I do the sports – to do the sports. But yes, carbon fiber is fun. And living in Italy makes avoiding decadence difficult. You’ll soon see.

          1. That reminds me of someone’s quote about rock climbing…he said he liked everything about the sport except the climbing.
            And I’m sure you”ve meet the photographers who can tell you everything about the lenses in their bag but have no photos to show you…? Your next article is here somewhere….balancing the purity of sport & motion with the gear obsession we all share. When does gear enhance and when does it impede the experience? And I look forward to the decadence that awaits….!

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      Sorry, I don’t. I have heard from some people that they order stuff through a Canadian shop because there is so little in the US. If you find something let me know. I should start an importing business as so many are becoming interested.
      Let me know what you find,

      1. Yes, that idea had occurred to me too. Although presumably as all the ‘off the shelf’ products, i.e. Dynafit, Trab, Scarpa already have importers who bring in some products, if there was demand they’d be able to bring over a wider range.
        They do seem to have the odd bit of Dynafit clothing and packs on backcountry.com, I got a great vest there.

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          I think the demand will come. But I think the gear being available would really help the sport grow faster. Strapping on a pair of superlight race boots and skis is a quick seller. The gear really helps get people into the sport – which company will be bold enough to commit to the US market? Dynafit is the logical winner as they have the whole line and it is superb.
          This is a good site from my local shop, at least to see what is out there and how much it all costs: http://www.verticalworld.it

  3. Thanks for this article Dan. I’m just getting started with rando racing and have two races coming up that I’m looking forward to. Do you post your training program online?

    Also, who makes the light weight shovel that you use? And, what type of tail connector do you use with your skins?


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      Hi Luther,
      I don’t post anything about training as my schedule is so sporadic. Being a mountain sport photographer is phenemonal for staying fit, because I have to – but it makes sticking to a fixed program almost impossible with all our travel and random days. So… I just get out each day and charge, because that’s what I normally have to do for work.
      For the shovel, I use the plastic claw shovel that came with the Dynafit ski rando race pack I have, just the basic snow claw really. And the skins used for ski rando racing don’t have tail clips, they just stick to the base of the ski and end around the heel. Faster for on and off and much lighter.
      Good luck and enjoy the races you have coming up.

  4. Just finished EMGT, thinking about the 5 peaks, and hopefully a more full season of racing next year. I’m not ready to show up at the start in the sexy suit, but appreciate the function of the rando full zip top with the hood and all. What top is that in the video you did on the gear? That might work a bit better for me.

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      Dave, the top is made by an Italian company called Montura but not available in the US. You’ll have to come over to get one which makes it a spendy top but worth it.

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