Smartwool Winter Catalog Clip


Smartwool 2010 Winter Catalog

The 2010 Smartwool winter catalog is out and features our work from last April’s ski touring shoot in Austria’s Silvretta Group. Models/Friend’s extraordinaire Susie Sutphin and Andreas Irsara (a.k.a. TaTa) are featured doing their thing… laughing and skiing.

Smartwool’s creative direction is simple – show the lighter side of whatever subject we are shooting. It has been a welcome challenge for us to produce images for numerous Smartwool catalogs as they require us to change our approach to a shoot. Where we typically focus on the sport itself, Smartwool has us think more about the quirky little things people do during sport. Their branding is successful, one look through their website or catalog reveals a fun, playful and desirable product. We love how they use color, real colors!

And… One big benefit of doing a Smartwool shoot is that I know some new cozy clothes will trickle down to us. Let’s just say that there stuff does NOT stink, in many ways.



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