Swiss Cows

The laughing cow

I admit, I get a little self conscious with how many cow photos I post from life in Switzerland. I also admit that it is a rare occasion that I don’t click on someone else’s photo when I know it will be a cow that will be making an appearance. What is it about these animals that make them so endearing?

There are very few things that India and Switzerland have in common. However, where there is great similarity is their reverence for the cow. The Indians see the cow as a mother figure, an all giving kind and patient deity. The Swiss see an all giving mother of that which helps sustain the Swiss economy, milk, which becomes chocolate, yogurt, cheese and even the national soda, Rivella.

Unless you are in a Swiss city, or in the highest alpine terrain, it is highly likely you see, hear, or smell cows as you go about your business. In our own town, throughout the day, the sound of cowbells fill our home.

Being ubiquitous to the Alps, where we spend the vast majority of our time, the cow is often present in not just our photos and stories, but in nearly everyone’s social media feeds who rides, hikes, or climbs in the Alps. Do anything outside in Switzerland and you are just about guaranteed to do it alongside a cow. Pay attention and you will witness some priceless scenes of bovinism.

So, in exchange for free range, simple living, all the grass, flowers and mountain herbs they can eat, regurgitate, and eat again- we just ask that we can put suction cups on their teats each day. They abide and everyone is happy, not the least of whom is the photographer.

The proud cow

The tender moment with a cow

The should I stay or should I go cow

The working cow

The you’re at my water fountain territorial cow

The I’m sure glad you’re downstream cow


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