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My perfect drug is endurance sports.

Life is not always fun. You can’t always get what you want. Shit Happens.

For Janine and I, we’re in a perfect storm, all three of the above just collided.

I won’t go into specifics, and really, in the big picture all is well, but we are experiencing some serious inconveniences that involve immigration law and smashed vehicles. Thus… the absence of DolomiteSport posts.

Our 5 week trip in the US is suddenly going to be longer than anticipated, thankfully we have all we need, most specifically, great friends.

This morning I woke and knew I needed to burn some energy, clear the head and make myself fatigued in anticipation of California’s monster storm due to arrive this evening. Sunday is a planned rest day; lots of tea, my book, breakfast with friends and watch it DUMP in the Sierra. But first today.

Upon slipping into my mountain bike ensemble, the wind picked up, or to be more accurate, started raging. At this point, I was not yet commited and it would have been all too easy to talk myself out of going out in the cold and unpleasant weather. But the high we athletes know about was much needed. I got my mountain bike and trail running gear together, jumped in the car and was off for the mountains.

3 hours later I had a mountain bike buzz on. A one hour trail run chaser had me fully wasted. My head was clear, life was back to being a wonderful thing and I didn’t even mind the parts still falling off the car while driving home. As I left the forest my view opened up, I saw that the storm was starting to spill down into the Eastern Sierra, clear skies were still above, but there was most certainly some incoming nastiness. Luckily my own storm was clearing and I could happily await the weather version.

Funny thing about getting out to do your mountain sport thing…  for many reasons we often dread going, but never dread having gone.


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  1. Well said Dan. “For many reasons we often dread going, but never dread having gone.” Brilliant! I hope all is well and whatever turbulence you and Janine may be experiencing is short lived.

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