Trail Running GPX Tracks for the Alps

Kim Strom and Dan & Janine Patitucci – the team behind ALPSinsight

Five years ago, after nearly a year of work, our Run the Alps Switzerland guidebook released, this very website launched, and all our focus at PatitucciPhoto zeroed in on trail running.

Since then, we’ve greatly expanded the site to include what we call our Way Ups, added regional mini-guides to Chamonix, Graubünden, Berner Oberland and have a Valais Guide in the works, plus dreamed up and created the Via Valais. Over in the US, we also produced Sierra Trail Runs : A Guide to the Eastside. We put a few kilometers in our legs doing all this, 19,538 in mine alone.

2018, the Run the Alps Switzerland Guidebook is complete

And now for the news… our Run’s GPX Tracks are no longer free, we are charging CHF 2.00. Or, if you download a mini-guide, you get more runs for your money. (Book runs of course remain at no extra cost to Run the Alps Switzerland book buyers.)

Why are we doing this? There are more than 100 runs on the site now and this has led to the site being bigger, significantly more work, and at a higher expense to us. Sure, we have some ads on it from our partners but it doesn’t come close to covering the time three people are putting into it. Now, for the price of an hour to park your car in Zürich you can get a dreamy day of trail running on a route we’ve checked, quality-controlled, and taken the time to add to the site.

Track downloads are available in each run, or visit GPX Tracks for all the options.

Our hope is that you’ll consider what goes into creating these runs and maintaining the site and support us by purchasing GPX tracks for the runs you do. In turn, we’ll keep this site what it is: fun, inspiring, full of information, and nothing but the best runs in the Alps.

Thanks for understanding!

Dan, Janine, and Kim


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