Trail Running Hotels in the Alps

In the last couple of years, in response to a huge surge in the popularity of trail running in the Alps, several different trail runner-specific lodging options have popped up. These are overnight accommodations, ranging from chalets to hotels and hostels, in popular regions that cater to the specific needs of trail runners.

To experience firsthand what is being offered for trail runners, we sampled three distinctly different options to see what makes the custom trail running lodging different from any other option. 

For us, we place value on being hosted by real trail runners with local knowledge of the trails, healthy food, a place to do yoga and stretch, a communal space to meet and chat with other runners, and most importantly, a welcoming, positive vibe.

You’ll have a mix of quiet evenings and back yard happenings at The Hub

The Hub | Chamonix Mont Blanc, France

The Hub is run by the folks at Run the Alps, a trail running tour operator based in Chamonix, and now in partnership with On

It’s a chalet with five room options. There’s a communal kitchen and living space, a big yard for yoga, events, or just hanging out. They have a full time manager on site who points you to the best trails, provides Chamonix running beta, offers you a Big Mountain beer on arrival, and keeps a pot of Moody’s coffee at the ready.

We found the vibe to be fantastic with trail runners from all over the world checking in for periods of time, running during the day and sharing stories and good conversation each evening. It embodies the energy and excitement of trail running in Chamonix. It’s loose, casual, and feels like staying with friends who all love trail running.

The Hub gets ⭐⭐⭐⭐ thanks to great energy and a comfortable space. The only drawback is its limited room availability (potentially also a perk). After it’s first years in Cham Sud, The Hub will be in a new location in Plaine des Praz near the Flegere lift starting in 2024. We can’t wait to check it out.

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Another perk of The Hub, you never know who’ll show up

The La Bergère strategic planning room

La Bergère | Ayer, Val d’Anniviers, Switzerland

Similar to The Hub, La Bergère is a small, intimate chalet in one of the Alps’ premier trail running destinations, the Val d’Anniviers. But where The Hub is a communal trail runners’ house, La Bergère is a higher end boutique chalet catering to the needs of active guests; trail runners, climbers, ski tourers, and hikers.

It’s owned and managed by a young English couple who renovated an old restaurant into an athlete’s getaway. Both trail runners, Jon and Emily manage, maintain, and cook for the guests staying at the chalet. They’ll point you to a wealth of trails right from the chalet’s doorstep, including how best to pop on to the famous Sierre Zinal race route.

La Bergére offers immaculately clean, cozy, modern, private rooms, a communal living room and library, gear storage, and healthy breakfast and dinner options.

Again, the vibe is fantastic, yet much mellower than across the border. Runners overnighting in the valley while on the Via Valais made for great company as we watched them soak up the comfort after a few nights in huts. Jon and Emily have built something special with La Bergère as it perfectly caters to trail runners seeking a holiday destination. Rounding out the package is the location, La Bergère sits in the tiny village of Ayer ten minutes down valley from Zinal and includes a maze of perfectly preserved ancient farmhouses and of course loads of singletrack right out the door.

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La Bergère is a solid ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ accommodation with great food, friendly owners, a cozy space and an ideal trail running destination.

The classic Swiss chalet at La Bergère
Space to put your feet up at La Bergère

A certified Swiss Trail Running Hotel

Swiss Trail Running Hotels

Based on the Swiss Bike-Hotels model, hotels with a special designation catering to the specific needs of cyclists, the newly formed Swiss Trail Running Hotels strive to do something similar, but for trail runners.

The idea is to offer the following services:

  • Trail running-savvy hotel staff, providing information on trail running offers in the region
  • Laundry service for sportswear or washing facilities
  • Information and tour suggestions from the region
  • Possibility to wash and dry shoes
  • Rich and balanced breakfast (also possible earlier than regular breakfast times)
  • Athlete lunch boxes available on request
  • Shower facilities on the day of departure with luggage storage and parking options
  • Massage offers in the hotel or in cooperation with partners
  • Collaboration / arrangement of trail running guides

Where The Hub and La Bergère are small with communal spaces, the Swiss Trail Running Hotels can be anything from massive luxury hotels to hostels. These hotels are scattered around Switzerland in some popular areas for trail running.

We stayed at a Trail Running Hotel in the Graubünden’s Engadin Valley and found it to be a decidedly different experience compared to either The Hub or La Bergère. Instead of being greeted by young trail runners, it was a standard buttoned-up check in. When we asked about the trail running offers, the staff had no idea what we were inquiring about, and it was clear they were not trail runners themselves. 

While the hotel was luxurious, we were the youngest guests by about 30 years, and we’re not that young. Where laughter and stories from the Via Valais flowed in the dining room at La Bergère, the sound of forks scraping plates was all we had to work with for this experience.

Since we only stayed at this one Swiss Trail Running Hotel, it’s really not possible to rate the system as a whole. Our taste is very different from what is being catered to. Visiting foreign trail runners are likely seeking an authentic experience along the lines of what The Hub and La Bergère offer. But for Swiss trail runners, they may find this sort of service, luxury and anonymity exactly what they enjoy.

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Spa with a view
The all you can eat breakfast is a wonderful thing

Summing things up

Clearly, there’s something for everyone on offer in some of the Alps best trail running locations. Best of all, these offers reveal the demand for trail running specific lodging which supports the evolution of the rapidly growing sport, both for performance and holiday fun.


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