Wild Roses Dream Book

It isn’t every photoshoot where the client says, “Do what you want”. Our last shoot for the high end Swiss women’s mountain sport clothing brand Wild Roses was one of the lucky ones. Thanks to having just started playing with Instagram, a theme came to mind. The shoot was with two of their Climbing Ambassadors, Lisi Steurer and Elisabetta Caserini, both UIAGM Mountain Guides and very strong climbers.

The Wild Roses brand is unique, it combines femininity with strength, quality with fashion. The product is known in Europe as something special, we wanted the photos to be equally as special as well. We considered their branding elements and proposed a style with square images and softened color toning, showing friendship and strong climbing while maintaining a feminine feel.

Everyone was on a tight deadline, the shoot went perfectly and Janine prepped all the images as we envisioned. Wild Roses decided they liked the results so much that they would create a Dream Book for the Summer Outdoor Show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. You can see them there at the Wild Roses booth, or the entire book will be on the Wild Roses site in the coming days. This is but a sampling.

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  1. What struck me is that in all photos the Wild Roses clothing do stand out very nicely. The backgrounds form a kind of frame in which the colors of the clothing do stand out very nicely…and moreover….it shows so much fun!

    I am very impressed!

    1. Post

      Thanks Peter, Wild Roses does a great job with color, it makes our job easier to make them pop because they already do. The green landscape of the Dolomites with great women climbers and our job is not so tough! Well, a little.

      1. having a great product to work with makes the job always easier. 🙂

        But the twist on the colorscheme of the photos gives the photos both a bit of surrealistic feel, yet preserving the pop of the clothing. 🙂


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