Winter Macro and Landscape Photography

It is not often that we have nature or landscape shots to show off, even less macro still lifes. But here are a few of Janine’s from this winter – she likes to wander around outside with a 100mm 2.8 macro and see what she finds. This collection found a home in our stock, and maybe soon on our walls.

Sunset over the Pacific. Ventura, California


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  1. WOW! I like all the macro shots, neat to see the crystal form. The one that looks like a frozen cloud turned inside out / snow cleavage is awesome, and the ocean shot with clouds and sea. It is amazing all the forms one simple element can take and manifest with the lens. Beautiful Janine! ART!

    1. Alex and Tite,
      Agreed, Janine’s person comes out when she shoots. Alex, this is true of you as well – and Tite, Agusto too, no? What a great thing to see, that what you see reflects what you are.

  2. Great Pictures! As a photographer, outdoor shooting is the best part of my job. Adding human or wildlife to the landscape photographs will create depth and interest in the images.

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