Winter Solstice

If fall is the season of reflection, winter might well be the season for transition. And this winter solstice we are all about transitioning into something new. Come spring, the season of growth, we will be ready for so many new things that we are working toward. But for now, winter is to be embraced.

Our close friend Alberto De Giuli just wrote his own Solstice post looking back at his 2009. His words reminded me of something similar. Autumn’s reflection is turning into transition, we must understand our past, take what we have learned and apply it to how we choose to move forward. This is true for sport, relationships and work. Today it is time to move forward.

Like so many of our past years, 2009 was spent in the mountains with friends both new and old. It has been a year of firmly establishing new close friends. But now, being back in the US we are re-connecting with old friends who are proving why we call them close.

This post comes amongst a series of our Five Favorite Mountain Sport Trips. At the beginning, I asked what makes a trip standout for me, the answer was centered around the people we spent the time with. It is all about the people, it is all about friends.


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